Privacy Policy for ViMobile Android & IOS Mobile App


Company Information

This Privacy Policy is provided by Plasma Automation, Inc.

For any privacy-related concerns, you can contact us at


Information We Collect

We do NOT collect any personal information from our users, however there is data transferred from our mobile app to our internal software system (ViServe) which requires additional setup from the user. This data is used in HVAC systems for the creation of related industry jobs, parts, and fixtures. The data being used is technical in nature and not personal of our users.


Cookies and Tracking Technologies

ViMobile does not use cookies or similar tracking technologies.


Data Security

As we do not collect any form of personal data, there are no security risks associated with using ViMobile. The app does connect to a customer’s internal software (ViServe) which transmits HVAC job data which does not contain any personal information.


Mobile Device Access

ViMobile will ask for the following permissions on your device:


Third-Party Sharing

We do not share any information with third parties.


User Control and Opt-Out Options

There are no options for users to opt-out or control data collection as we do not collect any data.

For further questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at