Plasma Feeder

Plasma Feeding System

Plasma Feeding System

Save operating costs by reducing scrap and eliminating labor through the use of the Vicon Plasma Feeding System. Automatically uncoil, straighten, bead, and feed your various material gauges to your plasma cutting machine.

With a Vicon style drum mandrel, the Vicon Plasma Feeder is an innovative solution for the easy loading of coils. Convenient removable coil keeper end plate is light enough for just one person to attach it to the drum mandrel. The unit is designed with pneumatic "backup" wheels at each coil station for positive feed up of each coil and safe band removal on new coils.

Coils will be spooled on Vicon's exclusive Coil Drum Assemblies for the fastest coil loading available (patented). Roller track guiding system provided to guide the end of the desired coil up to the infeed guide ramp on the plasma feed unit.

Features & Benefits
  • Capable of handling up to 6 underfed coil cradles
  • 16-28 gauge mild steel capacity
  • Coil widths from 48" to 60" standard
  • 12,000 lbs coil capacity
  • Coils can be loaded in under 5 minutes
  • Hydraulic coil drive for smoother acceleration and deceleration of coils, utilizing auto coil reversal rewind technology
  • Powered infeed guide ramp for safe, hands-free coil feeding
  • Pneumatic backup wheels at each coil station for safe band removal and positive coil feeding
  • Choice of beading either up or down to suit shop standards
  • Will feed plasma tables other than Vicon

  • Individual coil drives on each cradle
  • Overfed coil cradles available to reduce floor space
  • 72" coil width
  Overall Length*
Cradle System
Cradle System
One Cradle 17' 10" 12' 4"
Two Cradles 22' 2" 16' 8"
Three Cradles 26' 6" 21'
Four Cradles 30' 10" 25' 4"
Five Cradles 35' 2"  
Six Cradles 39' 6"  
* Not including Plasma machine