Coil Strip Feed Line

Coil Strip Feed Line

Vicon Coil Strip Feed Line

S & D

TDX Clip

Standing "S"

Standing "S"

Standing "S"

2" x 2" Angle

The Vicon Coil Strip Feed Line can be configured in several ways for production of various profiles. Coil metal stock is uncoiled, straightened and cut to length either before or after the rollform machine depending on the application. The line is controlled by the Vicon PC Control to ensure accurate finished parts and can be synchronized to the Vicon office program.

The coil cradles and machine guides are configured so that the material to be processed is pre-aligned. This added feature minimizes your set-up time.

Vicon can also manufacture coil strip feed lines to produce single wall turning vanes for elbows.

Features & Benefits
  • Dual Drop in style Uncoiler shown. Other types of decoilers available.
  • Vicon PC Cut-to-Length Control
  • Hydraulically driven three (3) roll straightener with additional entrance and exit pinch rolls
  • Hydraulic Press with straight shear or contoured dies
  • Hole Punch available
  • Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Length tolerance of ± 1/16”
  • 60” Dual Transfer Conveyor supports blanks during the shearing process and feeds blanks up to 60” long into the rollformer
  • Tooling profile will determine the required rollformer and processing speeds

  • 120" Dual Transfer System
  • Micro processor multi-batch controller