V8 Snaplock Rollformer

Eight Station Rollforming Machine

V8 Pittsburgh Rollformer
Model Type Left Outboard (Female) Right Outboard (Male) Speed
V8-SL20 Button Punch Snaplock Snaplock 20-28 Gauge, 1-3/8" Notch Male Button Punch 20-28 Gauge, 7/16" Notch 90 FPM
V8-RPSL Round Pipe Snaplock Modified Reeves Lock 24-30 Gauge Modified Reeves Lock 24-30 Gauge 90 FPM

The V8 Eight-Station Snaplock Rollformer produces connections that exceed the standards set by SMACNA.

The V8 rollformer can be tooled with either Button Punch Snaplock or Round Pipe Snaplock.

V8 Button Punch Snaplock
V8 Round Pipe Snaplock
Features & Benefits
  • Quietest machine in the industry
  • Eight forming stations for all roll sets - no opening roll on any roll set
  • Large, heavy duty bearings with inner races and grease fittings protect roll shafts and extend bearing life of the machine
  • Slide out shaft design allows for easy maintenance
  • Heavy duty 1” diameter stress proof roller shafts
  • Woodruff shaft keys for added strength and precise alignment
  • 5 HP motor coupled to an industrial oil bath worm gear drive for longevity
  • Heavy duty roller chain drive, no belts
  • Heavy duty motor starter with thermal protection overloads
  • Crossover System
    Two machines tooled and positioned to allow for faster production rates of Pittsburgh & Snaplock.