TDX-II Rollformer

Twelve Station Rollforming Machine

Vicon TDX-II Rollformer

The Vicon TDX-II 12 Station Rollformer is tooled to produce the T-25a transverse flange (four-bolt) connection. This profile has been evaluated by the SMACNA Testing and Research Institute and meets testing criteria as called for in SMACNA’s HVAC Duct Construction Standards.

The TDX-II Rollformer is equipped with one set of TDX-II tooling mounted left outboard standard and has one inboard and one outboard roll space available for optional tooling based on shop requirements.

Features & Benefits
  • Twelve (12) Forming Stations
  • 18 – 26 Ga. Material Capacity – no adjustments necessary between gauges
  • Approximately 50 FPM Forming Speed
  • Large, heavy duty bearings with inner races and grease fittings protect roll shafts and extend bearing life of the machine
  • Slide out shaft design allows for easy maintenance
  • Heavy duty 1-1/4” diameter stress proof roller shafts
  • Woodruff shaft keys for added strength and precise alignment
  • Hardened infeed guides reduce wear from plasma cut edge
  • 5 HP Motor coupled to industrial oil bath gear reducer for quiet longevity
  • Heavy duty roller chain drive, no belts
Optional Equipment
  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • Industrial Hard Chrome Plated Tooling

Tooling Options Location Profile
1-5/8” 20-22 Gauge Standing “S” Inboard
1-1/8” 20-22 Gauge
Standard Standing “S”

TDX Clip 20-22 Gauge
2-1/4” Material
Inboard or
TDX-II “C” Style 18-26 Gauge
1-5/8” 16-20 Gauge 2-in-1
Standing Seam
1-1/8” 18-24 Gauge 3-in-1,
Tap-In-Lock, Standing Seam &
Right Angle Flange (10 Stations)
2” x 2” Angle 16 Gauge Capacity Outboard
16-20 Gauge 7/16” Pittsburgh
(8 Stations), 1-3/8” Notch
18-26 Gauge 7/16” Pittsburgh
(8 Stations), 1-3/8” Notch